With the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are now under more strain than ever. With large numbers of patients being admitted, hospitals now need to:

  • Set up quarantine areas
  • Keep track of vital equipment, such as ventilators
  • Have an overview of where staff are to allow efficient workflows

Refining processes to make them more efficient can save valuable time.

Can technology help us to make these tasks easier? MazeMap takes a look at how hospitals can utilize indoor mapping to help them navigate these tough times.

Easy-to-follow maps

For patients, finding their way around a hospital can be a daunting experience. Indoor mapping allows patients to see the different departments and rooms so they know exactly where they need to go. Patient directions can easily be sent out in the form of a text message showing them the best route to take.


Once the map has been set-up, the hospital has the option to customize it to their needs. In the times of coronavirus, this could mean labeling certain rooms as quarantine areas and rerouting direction paths to keep potentially infected patients away from others.


Keep track of vital assets

MazeMap’s indoor map provides a great foundation for additional data to be visualized over the top. Take asset tracking, for example. With the current pandemic, there are certain pieces of equipment, such as ventilators and beds, that hospitals need to have distributed in the right places. Asset tracking can be used to locate these important items, allowing staff to save time finding them.


Our asset tracking system works with BLE, RFID or GPS technology to create an interactive map, like the one shown below.


Find My Doctor (or Nurse)

MazeMap’s Find My Doctor feature is a great tool for hospitals. By enabling their location visibility*, colleagues can find each other quickly when needed. This improves efficiency, saving on time spent looking for each other in large hospital buildings. The Find My Doctor service is interactive, intuitive and easy-to-use. It can be integrated into a web app, mobile app or website, giving you greater flexibility with how you choose to use it.


If you’d like to discuss how MazeMap can help out your hospital, get in touch for a non-commital chat.

*consent based

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